What is the real cost of “special” price meals?

It’s Ladies Night, for cheap! Looking forward to catching up and relaxing with good friends over a few drinks and apps? Checkout the Endless Appetizer promotion at TGI Fridays, all you can eat Tuscan Spinach Dip and Crispy Green Bean Fries, woohoo!

An order of each will cost you 2,000 calories, but don’t worry, your splitting them with friends… However, the “endless” feature and a few drinks will lead to excessive calorie intake. A night out with girlfriends can be expensive, for your waistline and your health.

 Consider hosting a night in with friends; pick a theme, design a drink and provide some healthy apps. Celebrate the last months of the season with a summer fling get together, mix up a little cucumber & melon white sangria and setup a spring roll bar.


For more information, checkout:

TGI Fridays Nutritional Information

DIY Spring Roll Bar

Cucumber & Melon White Sangria recipe


In Health,

Sherrill Collins, MS, RD, LD


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