Get Moving

Eagle River Nature Center

Spring has sprung, Alaskan style. Amidst threats of snow (and actual snow for some) we are tuning up our bikes, packing away the ice cleats and hitting the trails. For those of you still in the dreaming and planning phase, consider something new. Southcentral Alaska has a multitude of options for movement and not all options require a significant financial investment. A good pair of shoes can set you up for all sorts of outdoor fun this summer.


An event can be a great motivator for daily movement, pulling you away from the comfy couch containing a permanent imprint from your winter tush.

alaska run for women

Consider this couch potato to rock star plan for 2015:

Alaska Run for Women, June 13, distance 5 miles

Her Tern ¼ Marathon, July 19, distance 6.5 miles

Skinny Raven ½ marathon, August 16, distance 13.1 miles

These races slowly build distance, allowing you time to build endurance and all are available with a walk option. If you start moving today, you will have 50 days to train for the Alaska Run for Women.


If these events do not appeal to you, consider other outdoor fun like hiking, biking, kayaking and paddle boarding. Make your first goal small, Flat Top for hikers, Bird to Gird for bikers, kayak instruction for kayakers and Wasilla Lake for paddle boards. Throughout the summer, expand your goals and push yourself to move a little faster or a bit further, end the summer with a larger goal.

bird ridge

Picking events like the ones listed above, or establishing your own activity goals, can help you move your way toward improved health. Remember, health equals more than BMI and a number on the scale, include real food, daily movement, stress management, laughter, sleep and community in your equation.


In Health,

Sherrill Collins, MS, RD, LD



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