Registered Dietitian Nutrionist


Why work with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)?

The field of nutrition is young and as such, new research is available on a daily basis which can muddy the water and make simple, good nutrition come across as confusing and frustrating. A RDN, such as myself, has a strong education in nutrition and biochemistry. My approach is personalized to the patient but my recommendations are grounded in science. It is my job to stay current with the scientific literature and provide that information to you.

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What a good RDN is not:

Dogmatic. We are individuals with unique biochemistry, goals and lives. I make every attempt to tailor the appointment to the individual with a focus on their preferences, needs and goals.

Weight Police. The number on the scale is just one piece in the puzzle, it is a simple data point that doesn’t yield much information by itself. I prefer to look at your current weight and weight history in addition to your most recent labs, medications, medical history, lifestyle, etc. My goal is to help you reach a point where you look, feel, and move with confidence and vitality.

Judge. My role is not to sit in judgement of you. The information you share with me is held in confidentiality and is used solely to develop a plan that will help you achieve your goals.

Perfect. I am a normal person with my own goals and barriers to success. I love most food, especially rustic breads, cheese, and treats (of a wide variety). I work to balance my love for food with my health goals and my ever changing body as I have children and age.

Magic. Magic pills and potions do not exist nor am I hording them and only sharing them with my best friends. Any change a person decides to make takes work. My hope is to help you strategize and simplify the work that will lead you to success.



What to expect at an appointment with me, an RDN:

The first thing I ask is your reason for scheduling a visit,  any goals you have and possible questions you would like to explore. To help me better understand you and any barriers you may have to sustainable change, we will discuss your social commitments, lifestyle practices, stress levels, sleep quality, work load, physical activity, liquid and food consumption, food preferences, cravings, and overall relationship with food.

Following the intake outlined above, I then provide an evidence-based education with a focus on your goals and concerns. Most patients leave my nutrition appointment with a clear plan and support material possibly including meal plans, recipes, and homework. I typically follow up with my patients several times as they work toward their goals.


In Health,

Sherrill Collins, MS, RDN


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